Comodo Positive SSL vs Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

November 4, 2019 jesse 0

An SSL Certificate provides HTTPS encryption which protects the channel between your browser and the website you’re visiting; ensuring no one in the middle can tamper with the traffic or spy on what you’re doing. Without that encryption, someone with access to your router or ISP could intercept information sent to websites or inject malware into otherwise legitimate pages. Below, we detail the difference between a standard Comodo Positive SSL and an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate.


October 15, 2019 jesse 0

The key difference between SNI SSL (Server Name Indication) and IP SSL is the way the connections are made. SSL connects directly to port 443. TLS, on the other hand, starts with a hello via an insecure channel and moves to port 443 following a successful handshake.