cPanel Backups Explained

May 28, 2020jesse0

Within cPanel, there is a link for Backups that allows you to download a FULL backup of your website files. A full backup creates an archive of all of your website’s files and configuration. You can use this file to move your account to another server or to keep a local copy of your files.

WordPress Themes Explained

May 22, 2020jesse0

The WordPress theme is what gives your website the overall look and feel and layout of your site design. You can choose between the themes included with WordPress at no cost, or you can go to a theme vendor and choose a free or paid theme. Since the theme decides the overall look and feel of the website, it is important to choose carefully and test in multiple browser versions to ensure what you have chosen meets your overall expectations.

Mobile-First Indexing

April 30, 2020jesse0

Google has recently announced that starting in September 2020, they will be switching to mobile-first indexing for all websites. What is mobile-first indexing? Since most […More]

What is Ultra-Fast SSD Hosting?

April 7, 2020jesse0

With our new Ultra-Fast SSD Hosting, Data is stored on Solid-State Drives which are faster at retrieving data and can give your website an awesome speed boost! With no physical moving parts to slow it down, a server with Solid State drives can read data much faster than a server with a standard hard drive.

WordPress 5.4 Release

April 2, 2020jesse0

On 3/31/2020, WordPress released version 5.4 named “Adderley” in honor of Nat Adderley. Nat Adderley was an American jazz trumpeter. So what’s new in Version […More]

Online Transition

March 25, 2020jesse0

Looking to add a blog to your site, WordPress is one of the most popular options available. WordPress is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. Thousands of plugins and templates power a flexible and simple interface so you can easily create a new blog to link to on your website. A blog is an excellent way to communicate with your customer base.

Shared vs Cloud vs SSD Hosting

March 17, 2020jesse0

Shared hosting refers to the hosting plan that has multiple websites hosted together and sharing resources on one server (disk space, storage, bandwidth, and databases, etc). Typically these plans are lower in price and offer no guarantee in resources of the server.