October 15, 2019jesse0

The key difference between SNI SSL (Server Name Indication) and IP SSL is the way the connections are made. SSL connects directly to port 443. TLS, on the other hand, starts with a hello via an insecure channel and moves to port 443 following a successful handshake.

Control Panel Comparison

August 2, 2019jesse0

A web hosting control panel is a web-based interface provided by a web hosting service that allows users to manage their servers and hosted services. […More]

New Performance Updates

June 1, 2019jesse0

We are excited to announce that we have made recent changes to our standard server configurations including the use of Mod_lsapi within Cloud Linux, the […More]

Domain Privacy

May 13, 2019jesse0

With the increase in scam phone calls and emails, it is important to lock down your personal contact information as a line of defense against […More]