Customer Engagement

December 6, 2018 jesse 0

The customer experience is about so much more than just the sales journey, it’s about feeling heard, getting answers to questions, having problems fixed, and […More]

FaceBook Browser

August 11, 2018 jesse 0

New research from Mixpanel, shows that Facebook has grown to become a significant browser on U.S. mobile devices. In some states, it even accounts for […More]

Product Videos

August 7, 2018 jesse 0

Product Videos are a great marketing tool for selling your merchandise. The best product videos have 3 key features, they tell a story, they are […More]

Video Marketing

November 1, 2017 jesse 0

 Video Marketing is an amazing tool which engages you directly with your audience in an effort to better explain your product or service. Video Marketing […More]