SEO Trends for 2020

December 10, 2019jesse0

With 2020 fast approaching, it is a good time to take a look at the most current SEO trends for 2020. According to recent studies, […More]

Importance of Web Content

October 11, 2018jesse0

One of the most important features of your website is the website content. Your content, format, and quality can impact visits to your website. Currently, […More]

WordPress SEO Plugins

October 5, 2018jesse0

WordPress website operators are constantly searching for the best SEO plugin for WordPress to help get them the first-page appearance on search engine results. With […More]

Search Engine Optimization

September 16, 2018jesse0

Everyone uses search engines to find products and companies either on a mobile device or personal computer. Statistics show that about 60% of all consumers […More]

Page Load Speeds

September 1, 2018jesse0

Page Speed is an important factor in determining your visitor’s experience. Long load times could potentially discourage visitors from viewing your site. Google experts believe […More]

Long Tail Keywords

June 18, 2018jesse0

Long tail keywords are keywords or phrases that are more specific and usually longer than more commonly searched for keywords. For example, a normal keyword […More]

Basic SEO Practices

April 30, 2018jesse0

Our objective is to provide you with information on basic SEO practices so you can stay focused and  properly rank your site. The first step […More]