No matter what your business does, videos are as essential to your marketing as a website or a blog. Successful video marketing strategies begin with careful planning. Video has been the most popular, powerful communication medium in the world, ever since its invention. More than 180 million internet users watch online video content every month and that number is growing rapidly every year. That’s a lot of people who could see your message or learn about your products and services.

OLM.NET has many great features that allow you to create videos to market your products or services.

Viddictive – For as low as a ONE TIME $57 fee, you can obtain access to a cloud based software that allows you to create your own Videos and is fully integrated with Facebook. Use Viddictive to create sales & animated videos to present your products in the most professional and engaging way possible.

Videlligence – For as low as a ONE TIME $57 fee, Videlligence lets you turn any product page url into a top-converting video. It will automatically grab product information, price and images and then combines all these elements to a top converting video ad with no video skills required.

Vidmonial – Video testimonials are one of the most powerful selling tools available today, for a low one time cost of $59.95 you can purchase Vidmonial which is a revolutionary video tool that helps increase trust, double conversions, and drive traffic for you and clients hands free. Vidmonial is a cloud based platform integrated with breakthrough video technology that fully automates the processes of capturing and displaying authentic video testimonials.

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