With the increase in scam phone calls and emails, it is important to lock down your personal contact information as a line of defense against having your phone number or email address exploited. Domain name registration is just one way in which contact information can be obtained and exploited by scammers but by adding domain name privacy, you can reduce the risk.

1. What does Domain Privacy Protect?

When you register a new domain, your name, address and phone number are publicly displayed in the ICANN whois database. Even if it’s a business address and phone number, rather than a personal one, that’s still probably where you spend a lot of your time each day. The possibility that anybody could figure out where to find you with a simple internet search is disconcerting for many people. Every piece of information about you that becomes easily accessible to thieves puts you a little more at risk of identity theft. With high-level businesses showing up in the news for data breaches with increasing frequency, there’s only so much you can do to fully protect yourself, but every little step you can take to make your personal information harder to find will help reduce your risk.

2. Domain privacy will help reduce Spam

We are all inundated with spam in so many areas of life. Phone calls from strange numbers. Emails from unknown sources shilling products you’d never buy or threats to release browsing history and much more. You’re probably going to deal with some spam no matter what, but when your email address and phone number are easily accessible in the ICANN whois database, you’re just making it easier for them. Domain privacy offers you protection from spammers having one more place to find you.

3. Avoid Scammers.

If there’s anything worse than spammers its scammers. Internet and phone scams are common and it’s another area where the more people know about you, the more likely you are to be targeted. If they see your domain registration is about to expire, they can pose as your domain registration company and try to get you to pay them rather than your actual company. Having domain name privacy enabled on your domain will help protect you from these types of scams.

With Private Domain registration, we publish our information in place of yours, making sure that your address, phone number, and other information remains hidden. Privacy Protection is available for $4.99 per domain thru www.turnkeynames.net. You’ll probably still get the occasional spam phone calls or emails, we all do, but by investing in domain name privacy, you won’t get as many and you will keep your private information safe from strangers.

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