The WordPress software, which is free, currently powers approximately 34% of the internet. Since the software itself is free, how much should you be spending on hosting? Most WordPress website owners can expect to spend in the range of $5.99 to $29.95 a month for WordPress hosting. While any web hosting plan you consider should work for a site built on WordPress, WordPress hosting refers to a subset of web hosting plans specifically designed for WordPress sites. OLM offers several WordPress products to meet specific needs for WordPress users.

WordPress Affordable-Care – Basic Management & Cloud Hosting

WordPress Affordable-Care is a complete solution for your WordPress website, it combines basic management and Cloud Hosting into one affordable package. Our staff will handle updates and security, allowing you to spend more time growing your business. We offer an affordable yearly prepayment and include Free WordPress Site migration from your existing host.

WordPress Total-Care – Full Management & Cloud Hosting

WordPress Total-Care is a complete solution for your WordPress website, it combines both management and Cloud Hosting into one comprehensive package. Our experts will handle the day to day updates and security, imagine never having to struggle with a WordPress issue again!

We also offer WordPress Management and WordPress Security separately, outside of a hosting package for those that may only want part of the services offered.

If you’re building a basic minimal information website on WordPress and just need the most affordable web hosting option you can find, a basic shared web hosting plan should work for your needs. But if you want a higher level of performance for your WordPress site, seeking out WordPress hosting specifically is typically worth the cost for the ease of use and included features such as security, management, and WordPress updates.