Learning how to secure a website against threats is vital to the success of your online presence. As a WordPress website owner, it’s important to protect your reputation and your customer’s data. WordPress is used by approx 72 million websites, unfortunately, this makes it more appealing to hackers. Bots scan the web automatically for weak websites and hack into them within seconds. Actively monitoring your site can enable you to detect any unauthorized change, including errors by employees. A proactive response is important to reduce the time to detection and time to resolution, in case your website faces damage due to an error, malware, or a sophisticated attack.

Here are additional things you can do to secure your website.

  1. Security Scan – Use a free tool like https://wpsec.com/ and your URL to detect basic security issues. This may include whether you’re using the latest version of WordPress and whether any of your website plugins contain security vulnerabilities that could leave your website vulnerable to a possible attack.
  2. Backups – Malware and hackers can make unauthorized changes to the source code of your WordPress website to destroy important content, or in other cases, avoid detection. Making sure you have a current backup is important to ensure that if your site is ever compromised, you can restore your business with little disruption.
  3. Login Protection – Unusual logins can be an indication of attempted website compromise, especially if there are repeated attempts to log in with an incorrect username or password or if there are logins from an unknown IP address that isn’t associated with your business or an employee’s home. Find a plugin that will alert you of login attempts, failed and successful in an effort to secure your WordPress Site.
  4. Update – The best way to secure your WordPress Site is to ensure that you are using the latest version of the WordPress Core software as well as the latest versions of any plugins that are installed to limit security vulnerabilities or performance issues. WordPress regularly releases updates to the core software to ensure any known vulnerabilities are resolved.

If any of this is confusing to you, or not something you would like to undertake, please reach out to our sales staff for pricing on having OLM complete the work for you. OLM offers many affordable WordPress hosting plans from security and management to hosting and much more to meet your needs.

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