Video is a powerful method to communicate with potential customers. It resonates with people instantaneously and we love to watch it. If a picture is capable of expressing a thousand words, how much more can a video communicate? The best pitch videos are concise and simple and typically relay a problem and a solution. Here are some basic guidelines to creating a pitch video.

  1. Keep it short

    Your video should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.

  1. Organize your video

    Your Video should start with your business name and the product/service, then go into briefly the “problem” your product/service resolves, followed by the product/service and contact information.

  1. Limit Backstory

    A backstory or history of the product/service is not needed in a pitch video. For the pitch video to be successful, you want it to solely focus on the product/service and how it will help the person you are marketing to.

When you have completed an initial draft of your pitch video, make sure to test it out on your friends and family. Be sure to monitor their reactions to be sure that your message is clearly coming across. OLM.NET offers low cost easily customized pitch videos at the following link:

Be sure to display your pitch video on a landing page for the product/service as well as your social media pages.