ICANN Phishing Email

We have seen an uptick in an ICANN phishing email scam recently. The emails being sent have the appearance that they are coming from your domain and are looking for you to verify the domain name registration, however an actual ICANN verification email would come from your domain name registrar.

Here is an example of the SPAM message circulating:


ICANN E-mail Validation

Dear :

In accordance with the ICANN directive as of November 17, 2022, domain providers such as yours yourdomain.com are obligated to verify the contact details of its users to ensure they are valid.

Affected account(s):

Yourdomain.com Resolve this pending confirmation by visiting.


Failure to adhere to this notice may leave your account vulnerable to threats that may compromise and discontinue your e-mail services, rendering it technically disabled.

To avoid further risks please adhere by following our instruction above.

 Best Regards,

ICAAN Partnered With Cpanel WebMail “Roundcube / Horde”

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A few things to point out..

ICANN is spelled wrong as ICAAN

ICANN is not partnered with cPanel

ICANN does not have access to your hosting to place a link within your hosting account as the link is indicating.

Please do not click the links. If you do, be sure to change your password as quickly as possible.

Please also do not reply to the email as it is not going to ICANN.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support staff @ support@olm.net or call us @ 877-220-5686