“Make a backup” is one of the most often heard pieces of advice when it comes to digital security. Start the new year off right and create a backup of your website files. If you back up your site regularly, you’ll have a quick fix in case anything goes wrong. For example, having a backup can save you a lot of headaches if you have to perform troubleshooting or recover lost data. Just as your personal computer is susceptible to online threats, so is your website. Perhaps even more so. Beyond taking the necessary security precautions to protect your website, you’ll also want to regularly backup your website. That way, if something unfortunate does occur, you won’t have to completely start over. Instead, you can simply restore your site from a previous backup.

OLM is offering a Thumb Drive Backup Special.

For any of our shared hosting accounts, (up to 100 GB) we can offer a thumb drive sent via postal mail to you with a copy of your website files for a one time $75 fee. OLM staff will add your complete website files to a thumb drive you can store securely should you ever need a copy of your website files.

You want your backups to be protected not only from hackers but also from hardware failure. This means that your backups are recommended to be stored in an off-site protected location, not just on a traditional website server.

Order your Thumb Drive backup today! https://turnkeywebspaces.net/cart.php?gid=52

Do you prefer an Online Backup Service?

OLM.net has recently partnered with IDrive to offer quality low-cost cloud-based backup solutions. To start with, anyone can receive 5 GB cloud backup storage space completely FREE!

Their paid plans offer a large discount as well! Visit the following link for complete details: https://www.idrive.com/idrive/signup?p=olmnet

Start 2020 off right by securing a backup of your website files!

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