We are excited to announce that we have made recent changes to our standard server configurations including the use of Mod_lsapi within Cloud Linux, the addition of CageFS as well as the installation of PHP Selector.


Mod_lsapi is the fastest and most reliable way to serve PHP pages. It is a drop-in replacement for SuPHP, FCGID, RUID2, and ITK. It has a low memory footprint and understands PHP directives from .htaccess files. By implementing Mod_lsapi we are seeing noticeably faster load times across all of our shared server environments and greatly improved performance.


CageFS is a virtualized, per-user file system that uniquely encapsulates each customer, preventing users from seeing each other and viewing sensitive information. CageFS prevents a large number of attacks, including most privilege escalation and information disclosure attacks. It is completely transparent to customers, without any need to change their scripts.


  • Users only have access to safe files.
  • Users cannot see other users and have no way to detect the presence of other users or user names on the server.
  • Users cannot see server configuration files, like Apache config files.
  • Users have a limited view of their own processing file system, and cannot see other users’ processes.

PHP Selector

The PHP Selector feature allows end users to select the specific version of PHP they need. It allows ultimate flexibility by offering all popular versions of PHP, with more than 120 PHP extensions to choose from.

Each customer is different, and each has different needs. With PHP being the dominant language on the internet, we package multiple versions of PHP and let the customer select which version they want to run. Customers can select between PHP 5.1, 5.5, 5.6, and 7.3. There are PHP versions available from 4.1 to 7.3 currently, we make the most popular available in the selector and don’t display the others so things are not confusing. If you should need an older version of PHP that’s not shown, you can ask our Support staff that we activate it for you in the PHP Selector.

Quite often, a customer needs one extension while another customer needs a different extension. Without CloudLinux OS, the only way to handle this is to move the customer to Virtual Private Server, which is often costly. CloudLinux provides a large number of extensions and gives control to the end user. Only users who need it will use the PHP selector. Everyone else will use the default PHP version that we have installed on the server. Customers can switch to a different version of PHP at any time by using the PHP Selector within the cPanel control panel.

We strongly feel that these changes made on our shared servers will provide a positive impact on our customer’s web hosting experience. 

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