Search Engine Optimization

Everyone uses search engines to find products and companies either on a mobile device or personal computer. Statistics show that about 60% of all consumers use a Google search to find businesses. In order to show up at the top of these searches, you want your website to be optimized to ensure you are getting the visits.

One thing to keep in mind is that Google’s search algorithm is constantly evolving as they attempt to provide the best results for their searchers.

The following tasks should be done regularly to ensure you are continually optimizing your websites potential.

  1. Keyword Research

    Google Keyword Planner is a great tool, to begin with, enter your industry and location and the tool will then give you a wide range of search terms, how often they are searched, and the competition over those words (based on how many businesses are buying ads based on those search terms.) You’ll want to find as many relevant keywords for your business as possible that have low competition but high search numbers.

  1. Create your content with the Keywords in mind

    Use your keywords as a starting point for content ideas, and try to work your keywords into the posts as often (but as naturally) as possible.

  1. Check your load times

    It is important to regularly check your site load times to ensure consumers are able to reach your site as fast as possible. Google Speed Insights will not only tell you if your page is running slow, but it will give you suggestions on how to speed it up.

  1. Use Landing pages

    If you’re creating a landing page for a new product or promotion, try to work a keyword that is most relevant to your individual product into the title and body copy of the page.

  1. Update your page titles

    Try changing your page titles to include your #1 keyword. This can be something as simple as “Your business name + Top Keyword” but you can get creative and maybe use a slogan as well.



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