With cPanel’s latest release, they have decided to eliminate SquirrelMail entirely from the cPanel webmail choices leaving Horde and Roundcube as webmail interface options.

According to cPanel, SquirrelMail’s last update was May 30th, 2013, with their last release on July 12, 2011. In that seven years, 4 versions of PHP have reached End of Life, and cPanel had worked with others in the community to maintain SquirrelMail. Unfortunately, recent security patches have significant problems, which forced cPanel to decide to exclude SquirrelMail from their latest release.

While we understand that this is an inconvenience,it is better to use an interface in which updates and patches are regularly released.

How to get your contacts from SquirrelMail

To retrieve your contacts from SquirrelMail, log into cPanel and select File Manager and search for folder: .sqmaildata

Locate the file that appears as youremailaddress@yourdomain.com.abook and right click on View file.

The file will then display your address book.

Copy the contents to notepad

At the top of the file add the following line:

“Display Name”,”First Name”,”Last Name”,”E-mail Address”

Use the replace feature within notepad to change all | to ,

save file as filename.csv

Log into Roundcube, select contacts, and then import and locate the filename.csv that you just created and select import.

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