Recently, we performed a round of server upgrades and enhancements which included updates not only to the server software like MySQL and PHP but also the hardware as well. One issue that seemed to come up frequently was outdated shopping carts not functioning with the latest versions of software/hardware. Typically, reinstalling software could resolve issues experienced, but when using older versions, reinstalling software is not an option as the software is no longer available.

For example, Miva Merchant was a very popular shopping cart solution many customers used and had changed wildly throughout the years. From a free version to a licensed product, to only hosted by Miva directly, and a few others in between. While doing the upgrades to the server we have found that there are still active sites using some of the outdated Miva shopping cart software. This is not recommended as there are no security updates available for these sites. In addition, there is no support available from Miva for these sites.

While it is understood that there is a lot of work that goes into the initial setup of a shopping cart software such as product entry, pricing, item descriptions, etc, it can be a daunting task to switch shopping cart software. If the shopping cart however is no longer offered or has not been updated, then you are no longer getting security enhancements that are necessary for the safety and protection of your customer’s data. It is recommended that a quarterly review of website shopping cart software is done to ensure safety and security for your customers. By reviewing quarterly, or even yearly, if you find that the software you are using is no longer offering updates, you know you have to quickly transition to a new shopping cart software.

By not transitioning to a new shopping cart software when updates are no longer available, you run the risk of sudden failure, data breach, and lack of support. All have major negative and lasting impacts on your business.