Tips for Preparing Successful Marketing Campaigns

It is important to have a marketing plan and be prepared in advance of major holidays or planned sales.

  1. Plan out the sales and promotions you would like to run on your product or service.

It is always important to have a plan as to sales and promotions you plan to have for at least 3 months at a time. 6 weeks in, you should be reviewing the sales and promotions and see which have worked for you and which haven’t received any feedback so that you can adjust accordingly.

  1. Decide how you want to market the sales and promotions, videos, images, social media ads.

Product Videos are a great tool to showcase the product or service you are trying to sell. Marketing Images are also a great tool to get the word out on a sale, product or promotion. We offer a service in which we can make high-quality product videos for you, or if you prefer to do on your own, we offer a discount on a software service in which you can create product videos on your own.

  1. Have the promotional materials ready to execute.

Once you have decided on a campaign plan, get the promotional materials ready. Have a folder with the videos and images on your desktop with planned dates of release. Keep the material fresh with different template variations to give an alternate look and feel.

  1. Schedule the posts in advance on social media using Facebook publishing tools, or Twitter scheduling tools.

Scheduling posts in advance using the tools provided by Facebook and Twitter is key to a successful campaign. Too many times, opportunities are missed should you forget to post or not give enough time for the post to have the desired effect. Having the posts scheduled allows you to see the results of the planned campaign and adjust accordingly.

  1. Monitor customer feedback to see which promotional material stood out the best.

Checking your website, and social media account statistics is important to see which promotional material was best received. During customer interactions, if the opportunity presents itself, ask if they follow you on social media and if they visit your website.


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