Are you having an issue with your WordPress website? Take the following steps to attempt to troubleshoot the issue you are having.

– Create a Complete Backup of Your WordPress Site

Before making any changes to any files, create a complete backup. Backups allow you to restore your WordPress site easily when something goes wrong. They are your first and most important defense against security threats, hacking, and data loss. If you already have a recent backup, you can restore it to an earlier date to resolve the issue. If you do not have a backup, then you should make one before you make any changes and then make another complete backup once you have resolved the issue.

– Deactivate all Plugins on your WordPress Site

Most of the time errors are caused by plugins conflicting with each other, your theme, or the WordPress core. Deactivating all WordPress plugins on your site will most likely solve the problem. You can then find out which plugin was causing the issue by activating plugins one by one on your site.

– Switch to a Default Theme

Sometimes your WordPress theme can cause issues on your site. You can easily find out if your theme is causing an issue by switching to a default WordPress theme.

– Scan for Malware and Backdoors

If you suspect that your WordPress site is infected by malware, then you should scan your website with Sucuri. Sucuri offers a Free website security check & malware scanner. You just enter your domain in the Sucuri SiteCheck scanner and it will check the website for known malware, viruses, blacklisting status, website errors, out-of-date software, and malicious code.If you find that you have malware, please reach out to our sales department for assistance in purchasing a WordPress security package that will clean your site for you.

Don’t let issues with WordPress frustrate you. If you continue to experience issues or are unable to resolve them on your own, reach out to for assistance. Our support staff can resolve issues for you at a low cost.