With the start of a new year and the holiday rush behind us, it is a great time to take a look at the design of your website and what design aspects are trending in 2021! Whether you are using WordPress or standard HTML to design your website, these elements are currently trending and projected to grow in overall usage throughout the year.

Abstract Art Compositions

Abstract shapes, especially those consisting of geometric primitives like squares and circles, can come across as simple, minimalist, and restrictive. However in 2021, web designers are incorporating them into complex, sprawling compositions through the use of vibrant color choices that come across to the website browser as infectiously warm, welcoming, and attention-grabbing.

Comfortable Colors

With the switch for many to the work from a home model, screen time has rapidly increased and website designers have taken this into account with color schemes that are focused on being easier on the eyes. Web Designers are using soft color palettes, like wholesome greens, pastel blues, warm browns, or light pinks. These not only make website colors less jarring than pure black or pure white, they naturally induce calm and relaxation which is on-trend in 2021!

Three-dimensional colors

Color schemes in web design have been trending towards gradients for a while now, and this year’s trend feels like the next evolution, with color transitions becoming more lifelike than ever. This trend is taking off from Apple’s Big Sur OS changes, we expect colors that are saturated and three-dimensional, almost like fruit you can pluck right out of the screen. This trend is accomplished through fine shading that gives a more tangible feel to the flat icons we’re accustomed to. Web designers are now abandoning the neat transitions of gradients for background blended colors that come across as more imperfect and natural in this trend.


Neumorphism, or soft UI, is a visual style that combines background colors, shapes, gradients, highlights, and shadows to ensure graphic intense buttons and switches. All that allows achieving a soft, extruded plastic look, and almost 3D styling. This trend focuses on getting rid of all flashy aspects of the interface, creating a soft visual that stays consistent throughout the entire product. Neumorphism is all about the color of the entire screen, and delivering an entirely unique experience for users and a growing trend in 2021!