What is Google Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a collection of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools developed by Google. It comes with a custom email for your business and everything you need to get anything done, now in one place. With Google workspace, you will get a Gmail connected business email address and other familiar tools (Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and more) all built with trusted Google security and best-in-class search technology.

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Important items to consider:

-You can use your existing domain

-When switching to Google Workspace from another program or web service, you and your users can bring your existing mail, contacts, and calendar data with you. You have a variety of options for migrating data into Google Workspace, depending on the size of your organization and the system you’re migrating from. Tools are available for migration from Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, IMAP servers, and other Google accounts.

-Your email can be accessed using any Smartphone or Tablet. The Gmail interface is compatible with all major Operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry.

-You can create mailing lists and add/delete users, select a moderator, restrict people from joining a list or even ban users from a list.