What Makes a Great Domain Name?

There are many factors that contribute to a great domain name for your website:

  1. The top-level domain. The TLD is the end part of a URL that comes after the actual domain name, such as .com .net and .org.

  2. Memorability. How easy is your domain to remember? Is it short and right to the point or does it drag on and include the full name of your business? Is it unique?

  3. Spelling is extremely important. Before you click yes to purchase your domain, make sure there are no spelling errors. Of course, if your company name or the name you want is misspelled intentionally, that’s fine (but not recommended). If customers commonly misspell your company name, you may also want to purchase the misspelled domain name and direct traffic to your main domain name.

Important things to remember when purchasing a domain name

Remember that correctly spelled words are easier to remember. Limiting your domain to a maximum of three words also makes it easier for people to type into a browser on a phone or tablet.

How unique is your domain? Check the domain name you have chosen in google and see what the results are if any. Also, check to see the similar companies it displays. How does the domain name look when compared to similar websites, and does it stand out?

Being unique does have its limits though, as you don’t want a domain name that is so unusual that people are confused by it.

Multiple domains can point to the same website as well. You can try another domain name variation in marketing materials to see the results of the campaign for a yearly fee. If it doesn’t work out in regards to moving traffic towards your site, you can decide to let the domain go and drop the marketing. New extensions are constantly being released and are specially designed for certain industries or target groups and could fit very well with what you want to do!