On 3/31/2020, WordPress released version 5.4 named “Adderley” in honor of Nat Adderley. Nat Adderley was an American jazz trumpeter.

So what’s new in Version 5.4?

Two new blocks. And better blocks overall.

  • Two brand-new blocks: Social Icons and Buttons make adding interactive features fast and easy.

  • New ways with color: Gradients in the Buttons and Cover block, toolbar access to color options in Rich Text blocks, and for the first time, color options in the Group and Columns blocks.

  • Version 5.4 streamlines the whole process for placing and replacing multimedia in every block. Now it works the same way in almost every block!

  • And if you’ve ever thought your image in the Media+Text block should link to something else—perhaps a picture of a brochure should download that brochure as a document? Well, now it can.

Cleaner UI, clearer navigation—and easier tabbing!

  • Clearer block navigation with block breadcrumbs. And easier selection once you get there.

  • For when you need to navigate with the keyboard, better tabbing and focus. Plus, you can tab over to the sidebar of nearly any block.

  • Speed! 14% faster loading of the editor, 51% faster time-to-type!

  • Tips are gone. In their place, a Welcome Guide window you can bring up when you need it—and only when you need it—again and again.

  • Know at a glance whether you’re in a block’s Edit or Navigation mode. Or, if you have restricted vision, your screen reader will tell you which mode you’re in.

WordPress 5.4 also helps with a variety of privacy issues around the world. So when users and stakeholders ask about regulatory compliance, or how your team handles user data, the answers should be a lot easier to obtain.

  • Now personal data exports include user-session information and user’s location data from the community events widget. Plus, a table of contents!

  • See progress as you process exports and erasure requests through the privacy tools.

Why does it matter what version of WordPress you are running?

On average 30 000 new websites are hacked every day. When WordPress updates their software, the new versions include updates to the core software as well as security patches and enhanced security features to prevent known hack issues from occurring. WordPress is one of the main targets for hackers and it may be because it has a massive user-base. WordPress is used by over 35% of all websites and it is unsurprisingly also registered as the one with the highest number of vulnerabilities.

How do I update to WordPress 5.4? 

To update to WordPress 5.4, log into your WordPress panel, at the Dashboard select the Updates menu in your site’s admin area.

Before updating to 5.4, complete these tasks.

  • Make a Backup of your entire site files and database.

  • Deactivate all plugins before completing the update.

  • Check that the theme you are using is compatible with WordPress 5.4

Do you offer a service to complete the update for me?

Yes! OLM offers many options for WordPress updates from one time updates to daily at affordable rates. Email Sales@olm.net with your domain name and that you would like to have your WordPress site updated to the latest version and our WordPress experts will complete within 24 hours!