WordPress 5.8 named Tatum was released July 20th, 2021. Named in honor of Art Tatum, the legendary Jazz pianist, known for his formidable technique and willingness to push boundaries who inspired musicians and changed what people thought could be done.

WordPress 5.8 includes the following new features

  • The power of blocks has come to both the Block Widgets Editor and the Customizer within WordPress. Now you can add blocks both in widget areas across your site and with live preview through the Customizer. This opens up new possibilities to create content between what is offered with the core content and what is also available via 3rd party.

  • You can also now use the familiar block editor to edit templates that hold your content by simply activating a block theme or a theme that has opted in for this feature. Since this is a newer feature, not all themes have incorporated this option yet. You can switch from editing your posts to editing your pages and back again, all while using a familiar included block editor. There are currently more than 20 new blocks available within compatible themes.

  • Support for Internet Explorer 11 has been dropped as of this release.

  • Support for WebP was added. WebP is a modern image format that provides improved lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. WebP images are around 30% smaller on average than their JPEG or PNG equivalents, resulting in sites that are faster and use less bandwidth.

When WordPress updates its software, the new versions include updates to the core software as well as security patches and enhanced security features to prevent known hack issues from occurring.  To update, log into your WordPress panel and select Update from the left-hand menu and follow the onscreen instructions provided.

*Whenever you make any changes, it is always recommended that you create a backup of your files as they are before completing an update.*

If you are unsure how to update WordPress or would like our WordPress experts to complete the update for you, please reach out to our sales department @ Sales@olm.net or 877-220-5686 for assistance.