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As of December 1, 2022 the WordPress Security Team will no longer provide security updates for WordPress versions 3.7 through 4.0.

These versions of WordPress were first released eight or more years ago and should have been updated to the latest version 6 of WordPress along the way. It is important to keep your WordPress Site updated so you can take advantage of the latest features the WordPress software has available as well as security enhancements. Using older versions of WordPress is not recommended as it creates a security risk for the server as it leaves the site vulnerable to malware and attacks. Updating to the latest version of WordPress is easy within your cPanel control panel. Within cPanel, you have access to WordPress Toolkit which allows you to create a backup of your entire WordPress installation and also allows you to update to the latest version.

How do you check what version of WordPress you are using?

Within WordPress Toolkit it will show the WordPress version you are using as well as any issues with your theme/plugins.

What is the best way to update to the latest version of WordPress?

Before making any changes, a full complete Backup should be done of your website.

To generate a full backup in cPanel:

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. In the Files section, click on the Backups icon.

  3. Under Full Backup, click Download a Full Account Backup.

  4. On the next page, select the Home Directory option from the Backup Destination drop-down menu.

  5. For Email Addresses, select whether you wish to receive an email notification once the backup is complete. (You may also change the notification email address in the provided field if you want.)

  6. Click Generate Backup.

This will generate the backup for you and place the tar.gz file inside of your home directory. You can then download the backup via cPanel, FTP, or SSH.
AFTER, you have created your backup, Navigate back to WordPress Toolkit within the cPanel control panel and you can complete the on screen recommended updates.
Looking for more details on using WordPress Toolkit? cPanel offers a video tutorial at the following link:

Introduction to WordPress Toolkit for cPanel


Does OLM.NET offer a service to complete the updates?
Yes! Our WordPress experts are happy to help with the choice of ongoing WordPress updates or a one time update.
We charge $5.00/month for ongoing updates to WordPress.
Or  ~  If you would like to have the update done just once, there is a $14.95 one time fee. You can purchase at the following link:

Purchase Here

As always, if you have any questions, OLM support is available 24/7 at the following number: 877-220-5686 or by email @ support@olm.net

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