If you have a domain name registered with Name Registrars and it was recently migrated in our new management system here are the instructions on renewing your domain.

To log into your account, please use the following link:


  1. It asks for the Email Address and Password
  2. If you do not know the password, use the Forgot Password link to have a new password sent to the email on file.
  3. If you need to change the email on file, or you are not sure what email address you used for your domain name, please email us at Support@nameregistrars.net
  4. Once you are logged in, to RENEW complete the following steps:


1)  Highlight the “Manage Orders” icon

2)  Select and click on “List/Search Orders”

3)  To the right click on the domain name in question

4)  Click on the “Green” Renew button

5)  Select the number of years you want to renew – You can renew up to 10 years total!

6)  Click on the Green button “Renew Domain Name”

7)  You can pay with a Paypal account or scroll down and click on the debit/credit link and make payment


If you have any questions or issues making the payment let us know via email at Support@nameregistrars.net or by phone at 877-220-5686